About Us

Bridgelink Investments is a privately held company that has built a strong reputation and portfolio of companies in the energy industry. We leverage our expertise and knowledge to deliver premier power infrastructure and financial performance. 


Guided by our pillars of safety, teamwork, communication, and cohesiveness, Bridgelink is on a mission to power the future.

Bridgelink Investments Leadership Team

Cole W. Johnson




Cole Johnson, Chairman of Bridgelink Investments

Cole Johnson


Cole has nearly two decades of executive experience in the energy space and sits on multiple boards. He serves as Chairman & CEO of Bridgelink Investments and concentrates on strategic growth for all entities. During the growth process of all entities, Cole played a major role in the day-to-day growth of each asset.

In January of 2019, Cole transitioned to focus on growing the family office and development portion of the business. The family office now holds a total of $220M of assets and company shares. This valuation is expected to triple in size due to the contracts and the backlog of projects secured for 2021 and 2022. Bridgelink Investments is well-positioned to expand over the next 10 years as a leading development and investment company.

Under Cole’s leadership as Chairman, he has led the development team to a pipeline backlog of over 8GW of power to come online in the next 36 months throughout the U.S. This is in addition to two major commercial land development projects and a midstream asset projected to have an estimated value of over $100M by the year 2022.

Cole has shown the oversight to lead the Bridgelink family office from a few million-dollar investments, to well on its way to having over $1B under management by 2023. 

Trent Cornelius, Chief Operating Officer of Bridgelink Investments

Trent Cornelius

Chief operating Officer

Trent has over 12 years of experience covering all aspects of land work, with a primary focus on surface land. Trent graduated from Tarleton State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Services and Development.

Trent’s landman career began right out of college working for EOG in the Barnett Shale as a right-of-way agent. From there Trent worked for multiple brokerages securing acreage for the purpose of exploration and the production of minerals. In 2011 Trent went to work for ConocoPhillips as a Contract Landman in the Eagle Ford Shale. There Trent was responsible for negotiating, drafting, and interpreting surface land contacts to secure any necessary surface rights needed for any and all types of infrastructure, including access roads, well locations, central facilities, offices, valve site locations, and pipelines.

In 2012 ConocoPhillips offered Trent an inhouse position as a Surface Landman. During this time Trent received multiple awards, including two Special Recognition Awards for outstanding work with landowners with HSE concerns, a Difference Maker Award for performance at high level, managing multiple projects while coordinating teamwork projects on behalf of the company.

Trent also received a Spirit Award for integrity creating community advocates. Throughout Trent’s career he has been responsible for assets in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, making him well-rounded asset for any growing company. Trent brings exceptional communication and negotiating skills combined with demonstrated skills in all facets of land work. His enthusiasm and attention to detail makes him a solid team member as well as being able to work effectively in an autonomous role.

Trent is a firm believer that there are way too many variables to ever master the art of the landman, “all you can do is live, learn, and continue to grow your knowledge of the land business every day”.